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Today, we are developing three important projects to further the goals of our organization. Voice of Kids, Human Rights Theatre Project, and School Support are three of our most recent projects that work to provide Palestinian children the support they need to excel. Unfortunately, these projects can only prosper if there are sufficient resources to finance them. Today, we are asking donors to help us sponsor these projects. No amount is too small, any amount will help.

School Support is a project developed in response to the poor education system in the West Bank. Every year, HSA partners with a local school in Nablus to provide academically struggling students the support they need to excel in their school work. HSA tutors about 100 students 3 times a week, 2 hours each session. The target age group is 7 to 9 years old, grades 2 through 4. Tutoring is provided for English, Arabic, and mathematics.

Voice of Kids is a project developed as means to allow Palestinian children to express themselves through writing. The children are taught how to interview others and write about their own experiences. Their work is published in a magazine called “Voice of Kids,” which is distributed internationally.

Human Rights Theatre Project is a project Human Supporters Association (HSA) is currently developing. Through this project, Palestinian children will create and perform plays about the real-life, everyday situation in Palestine. These plays will be performed in schools throughout Palestine to teach about human rights. A video montage of the plays will be created and distributed internationally.

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